Clark County Community Foundation Inc.                          46-4242715 301 N Main St  PO Box 116  Loyal WI  54446                              WI Charitable Org No. 15617-800 Ph:  715-937-6167         A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization
Leadership and Committee Volunteer Opportunities Board of Directors - The Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors who serve (staggered) 3-year terms of service.  The Board meets monthly to discuss and approve the operations, direction, and future plans for  the Foundation.  New Directors are elected (as their term of office expires) at the Annual Meeting of the Foundation held in the month of April, each year. Foundation Management and Administrative Support - In addition to the elected Board of Directors, the Foundation requires administrative support to accomplish the routine and daily tasks that keep the Foundation operating smoothly.  The Executive Committee, along with volunteer administrative staff, handle the daily mail, deposits, inquiries, and general support for the Board of Directors, Donors, Volunteers, and the general public. ​Website / Technology Support - The Foundation maintains a website, and other social media accounts and technology, as well as internet, telephone, and computer equipment.  Volunteers are welcome to assist with any of these areas. Nominating Committee - In accordance with the Foundation's By Laws, the Nominating Committee Chairperson will recruit two community volunteers to assist the Board of Directors with nominations for the open Director positions Investment Committee - In addition to certain Board Members, qualified community volunteers are welcome to serve on the Investment Committee of the Foundation.  This committee is responsible for the policies, procedures and recommendation to the Board of Directors regarding all Invested Assets of the Foundation.  Scholarship Selection Committee - Interested persons are needed to periodically assist the Foundation in reviewing and recommending the polices, procedures, and scholarships recipients to the Foundation's Board of Directors. Grant Allocation Committee - Volunteers are needed to periodically assist the Foundation in reviewing and recommending which organizations will receive grants and other financial support from the Foundation. Publicity, Events and Donor Support Programs - the Foundation relies on volunteers to assist the us with various events and programs that promote and support the Clark County Community Foundation Inc.
Updated April 13, 2020
The Clark County Community Foundation relies on the support and assistance of many volunteers to accomplish everything it  does.  If you have an interest in any of the areas listed below, please contact us by email (see the Contact Us tab), send us a note, or call us!   We'd be happy to tell you about the opportunities at the CCCF: Call us at:			         1-715-937-6167 Email us at:                     Mail a note to us at:              Clark County Community Foundation, Inc.                                                   Attn:  Volunteer Coordinator                                                   PO Box 116   Loyal WI  54446 Current Volunteer Opportunities Board of Director positions: •	Central Clark County  Joint Investment / Finance Committee: •	(2) Community Members needed Nominating Committee: •	(1) Community Member needed  Other Open Committee Positions  •	Social Media (Facebook) Committee •	Annual Meeting Committee •	Grant Allocations Committee •	Scholarship Selection Committee •	Website / Technology Support (1)   Contact the Foundation at 715-937-6167 to learn more about these volunteer opportunities!
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