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Updated April 13, 2020
2016 Scholarships Awarded
Congratulations to the following Scholarship Award Winners:            Kaitlin Artac        $250.00              Greenwood High School           Class of 2015            Bryce Niemi         $250.00              Owen-Withee High School       Class of 2015           Alysja Otten         $250.00              Neillsville High School             Class of 2015​​  
2015 Scholarships Awarded
Congratulations to the following Scholarship Award Winners: Aarica Humke * $250.00 Greenwood High School Katie Koltis   250.00 Thorp High School Mikaela Krahn *   250.00 Loyal High School Kristyn Nigon     250.00 Greenwood High School Alexis E. Schuebel *   250.00 Stanley - Boyd High School Ryleigh Wilke     250.00 Loyal High School     *  photo not available
 The families, school  districts and communities of these students should be very proud of each one of them … great job everyone! 
2017 Scholarships  Announced
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Congratulations to the 2017  Scholarship Award Winners!  Marnie Schecklman *	$300.00		Greenwood High School Morgan Reinwand	  300.00		Loyal High School Nick Rueth		  300.00		Loyal High School Bailey Waldhauser	  300.00		Loyal High School Lexi Opelt *		  300.00		Neillsville High School Brady Wisnewski *	  300.00		Thorp High School                                                                           *  photo not available 2019 Clark County Community  Scholarships  Announced The 2018 Scholarships were awarded in May to six (6) deserving applicants.  Over 40 Applications were received from graduating Seniors whose primary residence is within Clark County Wisconsin among other criteria.           Congratulations to the 2018  Scholarship Award Winners!  Bailey Krause		$300.00		Colby High School Paetyn Schmitz		  300.00		Greenwood High School Brianna North		  300.00		Greenwood High School Ellie Knodle		  300.00		Neillsville High School Megan Simington	  300.00		Owen-Withee High School Paige Mertens		  300.00		Thorp High School 2018 Scholarships  Announced Congratulations to the 2019  Scholarship Award Winners!  Kallie Falteisek		       $   	300.00	Abbotsford High School Courtney Frankewicz	               300.00	Thorp High School Brooke Hinker*		            	300.00	Greenwood High School Karson Humke*	                          	300.00	Greenwood High School Cora Luzinski*		            	300.00	Thorp High School Dalton Matkovich	            		300.00	Owen-Withee High School  Logan McQuade	            		300.00	Neillsville High School Lucas Moseley		            	300.00	Neillsville High School Rayle Winegarten*	            	300.00	Neillsville High School Walker Suda (EPentz)*	            	300.00	Greenwood High School  Lucas Moseley (HEKing)          	250.00	Neillsville High School Katerina Kolzow (TJohnson)*  	300.00	Colby High School                                                                    *  photo not yet available
2020 Scholarship Application Cycle Is Open January 1, 2020 to March 31, 2020