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Clark County Community Foundation Inc.                          46-4242715 301 N Main St  PO Box 116  Loyal WI  54446                              WI Charitable Org No. 15617-800 Ph:  715-937-6167         A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization
About Us
Incorporated in November 2013, the  Clark County Community Foundation Inc. (CCCF) was created to provide a tax- exempt nonprofit organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of life here in Clark County Wisconsin The CCCF receives the majority of its financial support from donors in the Clark County WI area and by reaching out to people or organizations who have ties to Clark County. Additionally, the Foundation seeks financial support from other sources, such as private foundations, government programs, and other grants or assistance, to help fund the Foundation’s many goals and programs.  The Foundation exists.... to provide a tax-exempt nonprofit setting so that donated gifts qualify (as permitted by law) for certain federal or state income  tax advantages; to manage any donated assets and related investment income in order to maximize investment risk with investment rate of return; to provide financial support to other nonprofit organizations and groups and award scholarships to  eligible applicants; and to help improve the quality of life for the citizens and communities of Clark County Wisconsin. (See the "Corporate” tab under the "About Us" menu bar link for more information)
What is a Community  Foundation . . . and how can this type of charitable organization help  people living or working in Clark County?
Community Foundations are tax-exempt nonprofit charitable organizations that are established to support people (and their needs) in a certain geographical area (like a city, county or region), or people who share a common interest, need or cause. Working together, these community foundations, their donors, and volunteers, strive to improve the quality of life  in their "common" geographic area. This is done by developing endowment funds, helping donors create lasting legacies, and through established grant-making programs. Today, there are almost 800 community foundations in the United States with approximately 30 in Wisconsin.  Every foundation begins in the same way.... with a single gift.   As time passes and additional gifts are made to these foundations, new funds are created, community needs continue to be identified, and people realize how much a community foundation can impact their lives.    
How will the CCCF Impact Clark County Wisconsin?
As new projects are developed, when existing programs look for financial support, or when new funding sources are deemed necessary, the good people of Clark County have  found a way to make it happen! The Clark County Community Foundation, Inc., as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, provides certain federal and state income tax advantages (as permitted by law) for donations that are received. Donations are deposited into "unrestricted" funds (administration, operations, or the Clark County Community Fund) or to new or established "restricted" funds like the Endowed Field of Interest Funds, Agency Funds, Designated Funds, Donor Advised Funds, or Scholarship Funds.   Financial assistance is then made available through grants and scholarships to the Clark County communities, area nonprofit organizations or groups, as well as eligible scholarship applicants.  (See "Scholarships or Grants" menu bar links above)
Updated April 13, 2020
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